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Livall Bling Helmet 60 with bling jet 100 is a perfect combination of bike accessories with its unique features such as:

Professionally Recording Riding Data

Based on GPS location, LIVALL Riding App accurately records your riding turns and monitors your motion data like speed, mileage in real time. After riding, LIVALL Riding App can present more data such as the highest speed, burned calories, ascent mileage and accumulated to help you fully learn about your journey and share your wonderful riding experience with friends.  

Music, Walkie-Talkie, and Phone Call

The built-in Bluetooth speakers and microphones in Bling Helmet enable you to enjoy wonderful music and make or answer calls during your ride. Bling Jet can be used to rapidly switch songs, or pause playing. With Bling Jet, a simple set up “real-time intercom” from livall apps menu then you can use the Walkie-Talkie function to communicate with your riding teammates whenever you want.

Photo Taking

With LIVALL Riding App, you can take photos and keep them corresponding to your riding tracks, memorizing your riding experience with a complete album.

Light Control

After connecting bling helmet and bling jet with Bluetooth, you can use the left and right tail light at any time by having a press on your bling jet during your ride.

SOS alert

Set your emergency contact while pairing with your device. Livall will help you to send a message to the emergency contact when cyclist fell off and hit the helmet. The buffering time is 90 seconds, and the message will be send automatically if cyclist does not respond on the action taken by livall apps.

This is a 7 in 1 smart device to help cyclist resolve the problems and make their cycling life more vibrant!