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Globally, there is an upward trend in the number and use of bicycles, Asian countries, in particular, are expected to experience a considerable rise in the number of motorized two-wheeler vehicles on their roads.

Bicycles are an important means of transportation in many parts of the world. They are accessible, economical and non-polluting. With a growing recognition of the problem of obesity and lack of physical activity in many countries, bicycling offers an enjoyable means of recreation and vigorous physical activity. The promotion of bicycle use is therefore to be encouraged widely.

Bicycling, though, does have associated risks. Approximately two-thirds of serious injuries to cyclists requiring hospitalization and three-quarters of cyclists’ deaths are due to head injuries. These injuries can occur from falls following a loss of control, from hitting a hole in the road, or from colliding with another bicycle or a motor vehicle. Head injuries are a major source of disability everywhere, and create an enormous burden on the victims’ families and on society. Prevention of head injuries is thus an important goal.

There are few helmet safety criteria you need to aware before cycle on the road:

  1. Ensure your helmet fits to get all the protection you are paying for. A good fit means level on your head, touching all around, comfortably snug but not tight.
  2. The helmet should not move more than about an inch in any direction, and must not pull off no matter how hard you try.
  3. Rear stabilizers do not substitute for careful strap adjustment.



How a helmet works?

A helmet aims to reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries by reducing the impact of a force or collision to the head. A helmet works in three ways:

  1. It reduces the deceleration of the skull, and hence the brain movement, by managing the impact. The soft material incorporated in the helmet absorbs some of the impact and therefore the head comes to a halt more slowly. This means that the brain does not hit the skull with such great force.
  2. It spreads the forces of the impact over a greater surface area so that they are not concentrated on particular areas of the skull.
  3. It prevents direct contact between the skull and the impacting object by acting as a mechanical barrier between the head and the object.


In this modern era with advance technology, protection and safety is still rank at important consideration especially for cyclist. Meanwhile, we also believe that majority of  people nowadays love to enrich their life with different ways. 

We found that there are common issues cyclist faces during their ride journey. Therefore, we are now bringing in this fabulous device, - Livall Bling Helmet 60 and bling jet 100, a 7 in 1 smart device to help cyclist resolve the problems and make their cycling life more vibrant!

Let’s have a look at the common issues where cyclist faces, on top of that, bling helmet and bling jet provide great solutions for you!

1. Do you ever receive calls while cycling, feel trouble to answer the calls? This helmet is built in with Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker! It brings convenient to make or answer calls by just 1 button while cycling. You can enjoy your 'me time' without worrying people may not be able to reach you.

2. Do you use phone to listen music while doing exercise, or cycling alone during free time? This helmet has a pair of Bluetooth speaker for you! You can shuffle your favourite music that matches your speed and cycle to the beats!

3. Will you/ your team mate feel worry whoever lost in a sudden/ need to yell at each other while cycling? No worries, this helmet is built in with walkie-talkie and is connected using your mobile data. When riding in a group, the Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker enables cyclists to communicate with each other by walkie-talkie. You can keep in touch with them no matter where you are!

4. Do you ever miss out any road scene or thing while cycling? The photo-taking button on the Bling Jet enables you to easily take photos and record videos with your phone and store them in the LIVALL Riding App. You can review your journey or share your story.

5. Are you worried about having a left/right turn without signal during cycling journey on the road? With bling helmet and bling jet, they are able to help you to indicate colored LED tail lights signal at the back to driver on the road! Furthermore, colored outline LEDs behind the helmet will make it very easy for you to be seen. You are always safe now!

6. Dear cyclist, is your loves one or friend caused you worried during their cycling journey? Get them a bling helmet 60! We add the 3-axis G-sensor to the helmet to make sure you can get help in time in case you fall when cycling alone. Once the G-sensor senses a unusual gravity acceleration, the emergency signals on the helmet will be turned on and an SOS alert will be sent to your emergency contacts automatically in 2 minutes.

7. Do you wish to know your cycling performance after a long ride? Livall apps able to present more data such as the highest speed, burned calories, ascent mileage, accumulated ascent and average cadence during your cycling journey!

A simple helmet that contain many interesting features, simply connect them with Bluetooth and you get to fully utilize the amazing features!

Riding with LIVALL, Riding with JOY!

LIVALL Riding App provides you with a brand-new riding experience to help you easily start your riding, professionally record the riding data and share your wonderful riding experience with friends. With seamless connection to smart devices such as Bling Helmet and Bling Jet, LIVALL Riding App makes your riding safer and more joyful. Create your unique and unforgettable memories with LIVALL Riding App!

Feel fantastic and excited? Let’s have a look at the features on Livall apps now: 

Professionally Recording Riding Data

Based on GPS location, LIVALL Riding App accurately records your riding turns and monitors your motion data like speed, mileage in real time. After riding, LIVALL Riding App can present more data such as the highest speed, burned calories, ascent mileage and accumulated to help you fully learn about your journey and share your wonderful riding experience with friends.            


Music, Walkie-Talkie, and Phone Call

The built-in Bluetooth speakers and microphones in Bling Helmet enable you to enjoy wonderful music and make or answer calls during your ride. Bling Jet can be used to rapidly switch songs, or pause playing. With Bling Jet, a simple set up “real-time intercom” from livall apps setting (setting icon at top right corner) then you can use the Walkie-Talkie function to communicate with your riding teammates whenever you want.

Photo Taking

With LIVALL Riding App, you can take photos and keep them corresponding to your riding tracks, memorizing your riding experience with a complete album.


 Light Control

After connecting bling helmet and bling jet with Bluetooth, you can use the left and right tail light at any time by having a press on your bling jet during your ride.

SOS alert 

Set your emergency contact while pairing with your device. Livall will help you to send a message to the emergency contact when cyclist fell off and hit the helmet. The buffering time is 90 seconds, and the message will be send automatically if cyclist does not respond on the action taken by livall apps.

Livall Bling Helmet 60 is the perfect helmet you’ve ever wanted in your riding journey! On top with bling jet 100, it becomes the perfect bike accessories combination to all cyclists. Come and get one, all the issues will be solved, and even make your cycling life much better and safer!


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