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Story of Introduction

Nowadays, smartphone has become an indispensable part in our daily life. You make calls, play games, surf the net, take photos and before you realize, your battery is almost drained! In short, you are just having too heavy dependent on this wonder device. However, the disadvantage of this wonder device is its versatile capabilities also guzzle considerable juice to power these fantastic functions, also sacrificing mobility and availability in emergencies.

What is FoneBud Essential?

What if, there is a device that allows your smartphone to stay hidden, is pleasant to hold and take long calls, warns you when your attention is required, tells you when your phone is left behind, helps you to capture selfie and happy moments and gives all of its power when you're in a rough spot?
Well, that device is here, introducing the FoneBud Essential Series! It is a multipurpose Bluetooth handset comes with combination of essential features to improve your lifestyle. It also has color LED light for notifications; speaker, microphone and adjustable volume; call, hang and last call redial; as well as customization through dedicated app. 

Why Fonebud Essential Plus?

We need a smart and simple device to accompany our demanding lifestyles in complex daily lives.
Therefore, FoneBud Essential make itself into a combination of all essential features into one touch function such as 1 press for torchlight, volume adjust, selfie shutter and calls return; 1 plug to charge your phone and 1 pull to activate panic alarm (applicable for Essential Guard only).  It is such a perfect multipurpose device that replace load of gadget accessories.
Dear parents, fonebud has a 10-meter radius range detector to warn you if your phone is out of its bluetooth zone. This is a fantastic feature to have if you have young children under your care. Since Fonebud Essential Plus comes with an affordable price tag, just let each child have a Fonebud and you'll have a sense of peace knowing where they are at all times.
Fonebud believes life must be simple, therefore Fonebud is committed to breakthrough designs, innovative solutions, making technology simpler, affordable and user friendly. It is such an indispensable item to have with you that you'll be wondering how you survived without it all this while!
Fonebud Essential Plus
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