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Coollang XiaoYu 2.0

Coollang XiaoYu 2.0

This activity tracker is the most advance badminton sensor made specially for the badminton sport.   Sport data is collected real-time or buffered all for you to continuously train and improve your game.


How It Works

With advance Gyroscope and Accelerometer technology to capture the movements of your racket.  Data is transmitted through the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology to your mobile phone  

Light weight and small, it is the lightest in the market and yet outperforms all its peers.

Let's look at its impressive specification at a glance:


5 grams / 30 x 20 x 8.7 mm

Long battery life:           

up to 5 hrs continuous use + 30 day standby,

Large memory capacity:  

8 Mb delivers 100,000 swings /6 hrs play

Best connectivity:           

BT4.0 provides the most stable connection           with the lowest power consumption

Safety standard:             

CE and RoHS compliant


Essential data such as speed, force, radian, calories burnt are recorded.  6 badminton movements like "Smash", "Lift", "Clear", "Block', "Slice", "Drive" are collected for style analytics.   Social networking, stroke training, badminton news modules are included.    All are presented in an easy to read format with a purpose for you to improve your game.

How to Connect

Securely attach Xiaoyu 2.0 onto the base of your badminton racket via the silicon adaptor or 3M two-way tape

Download the "Intelligent Badminton" app to your smart phone

Connect Xiaoyu 2.0 to your Smart Phone App

Synchronising your Xiaoyu 2.0 with your mobile phone.  Your sports data can be recorded or reading through real-time

Go on, play your game ! See Xiaoyu 2.0 presents to you with data analytics and get you to improve your games scientifically



Data to Improve Your Game



3D Motion Animation

You can review your badminton stroke under real time mode via the latest 3D animation replayed immediately after each hit.

The action trail can display each moment the racket is swung at the various speeds, and this will help you to review your strokes step by step.