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Health issue is always on top priority of human where people nowadays concern about food they consume in daily. As you know, raw foods contain nitrate and it may harm human body in long term if overdose. 


What is nitrate?

Nitrate is:

  • odorless
  • colorless
  • tasteless
  • a component of all living things 
  • occurs naturally in soil and water
  • an important part of the nitrogen cycle that is present and harmless in food and water.
  • forms when microorganisms break down decaying plants, fertilizers, and manure.

What are the health effects of nitrogen?

  • miscarriage
  • thyroid disorders
  • blue baby syndrome
  • birth defects
  • nitrite-induced methemoglobinemia
  • sheep, cattle, and young animals are also susceptible to nitrate poisoning.

What are the sources of nitrate?

  • fertilizer
  • septic systems
  • animal wastes
  • industrial wastes
  • food processing wastes

GREENTEST determines the amount of nitrates in vegetables and fruits using a rapid analysis in just 3 seconds and gives us the answer to the actual question: "Does this product is harmful for my health or not?". It is absolutely essential device for the modern man, who cares about his health and the health of their children.

The device is equipped with a database of 56 most common fruits and vegetables, and is calibrated on the basis of more than 1000 research in leading laboratories using spectrometric equipment. Touch control, an intuitive interface, modern design, small size and  weight, which include fast and accurate analysis, make it a pleasant and convenient in daily use across all age categories of consumers.

How do I use the device?


To use the Greentest device you begin by selecting the (raw) fruit or vegetable you want to test on the touchscreen. You then insert the probe directly into a piece of produce. For fruits, the fleshiest part is best. For vegetables, the stems /roots work ideally. For leafy greens, the core of the head of lettuce/cabbage/etc is the most accurate.

Greentest Result

Great Features of Greentest Device:

Why should I use Greentest?

Greentest is pretty revolutionary. It is the first device of its kind: there is currently no other food testing device on the market that consumers can safely use at home to test food for nitrates or any other chemicals. The only alternative would be to send your food to laboratories for testing, which is impractical and unrealistic. Greentest is convenient, easy and empowers you, the consumer, to accurately verify the safety of the food that you feed yourself, your family and your children.

Greentest not just a food detector, it is Professional Home Food Detector.
We hope that every family can keep away from unhealthy, contaminated food and stay healthy.