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Low Battery Anxiety: Is This a New Anxiety Disorder?

You’re out and about and you notice the battery on your phone is getting low, what do you do? Do you stay out or you are trying to finish what you’re doing as soon as possible so you can go home and charge your phone? Or maybe the battery’s low while you’re on your way to friend or family member’s place and the very first thing you do is to ask them to put your phone to charge. We could continue with these scenarios for eternity but they all lead to the same conclusion – we feel at unease knowing the battery is getting low. In fact, there’s a special name of that unease – low battery anxiety! Keep reading to find out more.

Is Low Battery Anxiety Real?

Nowadays, we rely on our phones too much and we constantly use them and you’re probably reading this article on your phone as well. Due to constant handling, battery has to run out, it’s a given. But, we always feel have that uncomfortable feeling. Tech companies conduct different types of surveys all the time. Their primary purpose is to get a closer insight into experiences of users in order to improve their upcoming devices. That is also the reason why LG surveyed more than 2000 people.

Results of this extensive survey should shocking results – 9 out of 10 people have low battery anxiety and they panic as soon as battery drops to 20% or lower. Although we can’t classify low battery anxiety as true anxiety disorder, the term was used to exemplify the behavior of people who make various adjustments on day to day basis only to accommodate the dying battery.

Do I have Low Battery Anxiety?

People with Low Battery Anxiety

You’re probably wondering whether you have low battery anxiety. According to LG, surveyed individuals examined the following signs and symtoms:

  • Asking a stranger to charge their smartphone
  • Owning multiple smartphone charging cables
  • Secretly “borrowing” someone else’s charger
  • Arguing with a love interest or significant other because of unanswered texts and calls
  • Ordering something in a restaurant or bar just to use their power outlet to charge your phone
  • Keeping phone on airplane mode to preserve battery

Can you relate to these symptoms and events? If so, then you belong to the massive group of people with low battery anxiety.

Low Battery Anxiety has Negative Impact on Lifestyle

As it was mentioned above, low battery anxiety isn’t considered an anxiety disorder just yet. However, it’s impossible to say that won’t change and we have to take into account the fact that most anxiety disorders were dismissed by scientists at the beginning.

According to the survey, low battery anxiety does more than stressing you out about charging your phone. It can have a big impact on your lifestyle. For example, when it comes to choosing between going to the gym and charging the phone, 1 in 3 surveyed individuals were more likely to skip the gym and stay home to charge the smartphone. That’s not all; millenials are even worse – about 42% of them were more likely to charge the phone rather than hit the gym.

Low Battery Anxiety Impact on Life

Furthermore, individuals with low battery anxiety can jeopardize relationships with friends and family and this behavior could also lead to breakup with significant other. For instance, 60% of surveyed participants reported they’ve blamed a dead phone for not speaking to friend, co-worker, and even family member if their battery was low. Also, 1 in 3 people reported having arguments with significant other due to unanswered calls or texts when their smartphone was dead.

Can I avoid this?

Changing plans and subjecting your life on daily basis to accommodate dying battery can be quite frustrating. After all, you own the phone, not vice versa. However, some things are easier said than done and we can’t simply stop worrying about the battery. That’s why tech companies today are working on phones that will address this issue. 

Other things you can do are avoiding spending too much time on your phone and focus on current events and people around you.


If you have ever felt uncomfortable due to low battery, this article explained you why this happens – you have low battery anxiety. This isn’t classified as a true anxiety disorder just yet and the term is used to define certain behaviors that people make when their battery drops. People with low battery anxiety tend to make decisions during the day to accommodate their battery life. This behavior also leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices and rocky relationships. Although phones are important for work or staying in touch with loved ones, but smartphone addiction is not good, it is necessary to avoid using your smartphone at all times.


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