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Apple iPhone and Huawei contain highest SAR, while Samsung consists lowest SAR, and also known as the safest smartphone.

(Seoul 6th Oct) According to foreign media survey, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has the lowest body absorption of Electromagnetic (EM radiation) among smartphones, and consists of the highest security in terms of EM radiation.  Instead, Huawei honor and Apple iPhone series consist of higher EM radiation than Samsung.

CNET has recently made an investigation regarding smartphone EM radiation that affects SAR. Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measurement of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radiation, in units of W/kg. The result was found that Samsung Galaxy series contained low SAR and so, human exposed to less radiation. Samsung Galaxy series are then being categorized as family of products.

The survey results show that Galaxy Note’s SAR value is 0.249 watts per kg, the lowest electromagnetic waves smartphone in France.

The following is the rank of smartphone electromagnetic energy in France:

1) Galaxy Note 7 (0.249 watts per kg)

2) Galaxy S7 edge (0.264 watts per kg)

3) Galaxy A5 2016 edition (0.29 watts per kg)

4) Galaxy S6 (0.306 watts per kg)

5) Huawei P8 LIGHT (0.331 watts per kg)

6) Galaxy S7 (0.406 watts per kg)

7) Google Nexus 5X (0.42 watts per kg)

8) Galaxy J5 (0.453 watts per kg)

9) LG G4 (0.589 watts per kg)

10) Galaxy A3 (0.62 watts per kg)

According to South Korea electronics industry, EM radiation consist by Huawei Honor 8 is  1.5 watt per kg, which is the highest among all smartphones.

The rank of high electromagnetic radiation as per below:

1) Huawei Honor 8 is  (1.5 watt per kg)

2) iPhone 7 (1.38 watts per kg)

3) Huawei Honor 5C (1.14 watts per kg)

4) Huawei Honor 7 (1.13 watts per kg)

5) iPhone 5S (0.979 watts per kg)

6) iPhone 6S (0.87 watts per kg)

7) iPhone SE (0.72 watts per kg)


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