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Fonebud Essential Guard Launched officially in Japan today!

30th March 2016

Fonebud continues international expansion with ‘Essential guard’ product launch in Japan Multipurpose accessory for smartphone users now available for purchase in Japan TOKYO, JAPAN – Smart device manufacturer fonebud has officially launched its Essential guard multipurpose smartphone accessory in Japan. The announcement marks the next major step in the international expansion of fonebud, as demand grows for the innovative devices that enhance consumer interaction with smartphones.

Sunny Koay, Co-Founder at fonebud, commented: “fonebud Essential guard is a unique smartphone accessory that combines a Bluetooth handset, 3000mAh powerbank, torchlight and panic alarm in one product, while also functioning as a selfie camera shutter. fonebud can be paired with two devices through a free app available on both iOS and Android and also features a range alarm.”

Dixon Chew, Co-Founder at fonebud, stated: “Japanese consumers are global trendsetters in terms of mobile phone culture – or keitai as it is referred to locally. It was a logical decision to launch fonebud in Japan. There are compelling use case scenarios for the fonebud Essential guard product spanning multiple demographic groups related to convenience, functionality, security and safety.”

The fonebud Essential guard products offer the following functionality:

  • Bluetooth handset (pairs with 2 devices)
  • Volume control
  • Selfie shutter
  • Range alarm (10 metres)
  • 3000 mAh powerbank
  • One touch torchlight
  • Vibration
  • Power level warning
  • Free dedicated app
  • Panic alarm 

Koay continued: “Smartphones are now personal technology hubs for consumers with a wide array of accessories available to use with the devices. But it doesn’t make sense for users to carry around three or four different accessories, when all this functionality can be combined in one simple device.”

Chew concluded: “We think differently at fonebud and we’re not afraid to go in a new direction when we develop products. fonebud is out of the ordinary and we believe we are developing a new multipurpose product category that has huge long-term market potential.”

fonebud is establishing a strong route-to-market in Japan in its partnership with Softbank. The company will embark on a coordinated marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness of the brand and the functionality of the Essential guard.