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10 Best Selfie Apps to Capture that Perfect Closeup

If you’ve got a phone and a face, you’re likely looking for the perfect selfie app – something that’s fun, flattering, and capable of wowing your friends. Depending on what you’re after, there are plenty of choices out there. So we’ve curated a list of 10 of the best selfie apps that give you an array of visual effects.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, so we’ve picked out ones that help your selfies really stand out. They’re all free, though some have an in-app purchase to remove the ads or to access certain features.

1. B612

Get app: iPhone; Android

This is made by the team behind the popular Line messaging app, but you can use it without signing up for anything. The idea behind B612 is to make selfies look more slick than usual. It has more than 40 filters designed for use with faces. It can even make video clips that are three or six seconds long.

2. PIP Camera

Get app: iPhone; Android

If you want lots of slightly surreal special effects for your selfies, PIP Camera is one of the best choices. All the filters are of a pic-in-pic style, allowing your face to pop up inside a bubble, or a glass bottle, or on a polaroid snap that someone’s holding.

3. Selfie Cam App

Get app: iPhone

Like with PIP Camera, Selfie Cam App is all about fun additions to and cute decoration for your photos. The app has things like cartoony glasses, pop art hairdos, and a bunch of other stuff. The only issue is that it has lots of in-app purchases for each particular set of features.

4. Photo Wonder

Get app: iPhone; Android

As with a number of other selfie-centric apps, this puts an emphasis on cosmetic tweaks. Aside from the usual filters, Photo Wonder has some very detailed and specific tools for changing the tone of your skin, makeup, or hiding blemishes. There’s also a “thinify” option and a recently added “beauty leg” feature that makes your legs longer.

The app also offers skin whitening. That’s not something that all cultures will appreciate, but it’s in big demand from some women across Asia. Photo Wonder is made by a major Chinese company.

Photo Wonder also packs in an Instagram-style social network.

5. Perfect365

Get app: iPhone; Android

As with the one above, the newer Perfect365 wants to give you virtual facial surgery. It allows users to change their eyes, lips, and the shape of their face.

Along with that, it has 20 makeup and beauty tools to enhance or swap out your liner, eyeshadow, or lipstick. Inside the app there are daily makeup and fashion tips.

6. Frontback

Get app: iPhone; Android

Frontback takes two photos simultaneously – one from the rear camera and one from the front. That adds in an interesting element of your reaction to what you’re up to. There’s the option of taking a five-second reaction video rather than a self-pic.

Other options include public posts, geotagging, and captions.

7. Bestie

Get app: iPhone; Android

Made by the experienced team behind Camera360, this app focuses on photo filters, double exposure effects, and quick beautification for things like face slimming, changing your eye color, or removing wrinkles.

8. BestMe Selfie Camera

Get app: Android

Here’s another that concentrates on filters. It supports adding emojis to your selfies and also has stickers that automagically appear above the faces of everyone in the selfie if you so wish.

9. YouCam Perfect

Get app: iPhone; Android

This one does photo and Vine selfies. It has options for skin smoothening, blemish removal, eye enlargement, and tweaks for longer legs and lither waists. It also has a background remover so you can give yourself the green screen treatment.

10. Retrica

Get app: iPhone; Android

If you’re more interested in stylish and minimal selfies with no need for all kinds of primping and tweaking, Retrica looks like the best bet. It feels closer to VSCOcam than to any of the other apps on this list. Along with real-time or static filters, it also features collages and vignettes. It’s simple but effective.


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